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What Sets My Soul On Fire

I love to help people understand all the many ways that we can help ourselves. I work with people to empower them in their healing process. I help people reverse illness and disease, lose weight and transform their health, by using muscle testing to find the root cause, and with whole foods and superfood nutrition, a safe detox program, trauma clearing and environmental toxin awareness. Then I teach them how to use the built in tools that they have in their own body, to check in on and navigate their own health and healing.

We must be our own doctor. We are the only one who knows what is going on with ourself, and I teach my clients how to figure out what they need.

We don’t work to heal ourselves, and just automatically stay healed forever after that. We don’t go through major life-changing transformations, and then never have to do anything to keep and maintain all the shifts. We must do the work it takes to sustain these changes and transformations, for the long term. We have to create the habits that support where we are intending to go. What we do today, will create the life we live tomorrow and beyond.

If you are looking for healing support, the way that I work with people is in a container of typically 4 sessions. It takes a little bit of time to work out the details of your imbalances, to find the root cause, and interpret what your body is saying needs to happen first. In this container you will feel held, heard, loved and supported. I want to see you well, and empowered, and with tools for prevention.

Every body is different. I do this work with muscle testing, where I can ask the body what is out of balance and what it needs to fix it. I am a detective, and through this work, your body leads the way, on what to do and in what order. I use your own body to get this information, and then nature as my main source for healing. Our body recognizes and has a synergy with that which is made in nature. In those four sessions, there are baby steps, which are small and big changes to make. This could be with foods, remedies, therapies, exercises, mindset, and other additions to add in or take out. I also do a lot of trauma clearing and emotion, belief and story removal of that which no longer serves you. We all have trauma in our body, and our body doesn’t let go of it very well on its’ own. The body holds on to everything. The trauma wants to be acknowledged, heard and honored, and then the body will actually let go of it.

A commitment to healing is what it takes to make real changes and guarantee your success at reaching your goals. Transformation means putting in place stepping stones that are really baby steps you take toward more aligned habits that support where you want to go. I have found that for every person, for this to be sustainable and effective equaling inevitable success, it must have: The right system with the right steps in the right order, the right support with someone to help when you are feeling stuck, the right accountability, a coach, for a kick in the butt when falling off track, and a call to action. Action diminishes all fear. This is key to turning healthy habits into long-term behaviors that upgrade your quality of life, and create lasting success in your health and vitality. We heal in a spiral. We revisit the chronic disharmonies over and over again, releasing all the layers of imprinting as we go deeper to get it out of our tissues. Don't get discouraged if you once again are visited by something you thought you were rid of. It is talking to you. Do you want to listen? Take it to the next level smoothly with aligned support. It really does take commitment and a bit of time to create a solid foundation to draw upon. And then with your own tools, you can continue the work.

I help people learn how to take care of themselves. I can do this in person or long distance. Reach out if you need some support. I am here for you. I love you.

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