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Pillar 1: Healthy Nutrition - Eat The Rainbow

The 10 Pillars Of Vibrant Living are the way to keep yourself healthy. If somethings is going on, go down the list, and make sure you are doing these simple pieces. They will become second nature eventually, if you do them regularly and prevention and when needed.

Pillar 1: Healthy Nutrition - Eat The Rainbow

Pillar 2: Water & Hydration

Pillar 3: Movement/ Exercise

Pillar 4: Good Restorative Sleep

Pillar 5: Gut MicroBiome

Pillar 6: Spiritual Practice

Pillar 7: Mindset

Pillar 8: Earthing & Breath

Pillar 9: Environmental Toxin Awareness

Pillar 10: Plant Remedies/ Allies & Prevention

We are going to break them down one by one.

Pillar 1: Healthy Nutrition - Eat The Rainbow

The quality of the food you eat is equal to the quality of the life you live.

Getting the right nutrition is one of the most important steps taking control of your health. Especially if you need to get on top of health issues. What we eat is about 75% of the equation in not only healing but vibrant health as well. Figuring out what best nourishes us with our own unique needs, is our only true health care plan. There is a basic foundation that is beneficial for most people, to cover all these bases. Getting enough of the right kinds of fruits, vegetables, protein and good fats.

Raw and living whole foods, right out of the garden, are the shining light in health and nutrition. These are the foods that are coming straight from the earth, and are naturally perfect in every way. They are ripened and cured perfectly by the elements; sun, wind, earth and rain. This symbiotic relationship with the earth, helps to bring these foods to their most pure and nutritious state, just exploding with phytonutrients of vitamins and minerals. They are our best source for having vitamins and minerals, that our body can recognize, absorb and utilize. Our body doesn't recognize and in many cases can't absorb and assimilate pills made in lab, mimicking nature. Raw and living whole foods contain no preservatives, and there is no processing required, but there is not much of a shelf life. That is why when consuming a lot of these foods, the fresher the better, is the best way. A lot of these foods can be dehydrated, for a longer shelf life, and that is good too.

Processed foods cause inflammation and chronic disease at an alarming rate, and is exponentially adding to all the main health issues we see in America. These foods have excipients, fillers, preservatives, colorings, GMOs, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, bad sugars and oils, and other dangerous and un-regulated additives and chemicals added to them in the name of extending shelf life, and making foods “taste better”. These foods poison the body and interfere with digestion, hormones, circadian rhythm, development and repair, immunity, and in addition, hindering basic functions like the ability to smell and taste. The more disconnected we are from these senses, the less in touch with our signs, cues and clues our body is alerting us to. Like when we are full.

Obesity as at an all time high. We are the most over fed and undernourished nation. Processed food actually contains anti nutrients, with ingredients that turn off the natural body signals of fullness and satiation, making us crave more and more without ever getting satisfied or even full, or at least even noticing the full cues. Our cues to when we are full have been over-ridden by a different message, given off from the chemicals, and the addiction reaction, that comes with them. When the body doesn’t get nourished, it is cell starved. So people really aren't full, if they are eating empty calories. This disconnect is multi layered. If you are not actually preparing the foods with your own 2 hands, you have no idea how the food was made, what it was cooked with, and how it was prepared. This connection can only be made by actually paying attention, caring about, playing a roll in, and having a consciousness around what is put into our sacred body temple. There is an incredible satisfaction, when you know what is in your food, so if we can make the food for ourself, it is a much deeper connection to what we are putting into our vessel and how we are feeling afterwards. If we grew the food, that is even more medicine for healing, connection and joy. We are a culture disconnected from how we nourish ourselves, so we are not getting nourished, and we don’t even know it or think about that.

Food is our vitamins and minerals, direct from mama earth. Eat the rainbow everyday, through fruits, vegetables and superfoods, and it is a peace of mind, just knowing that you are getting enough phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals every time you eat. Eating the rainbow daily is an energy that is so hive, and the body knows it. Eating fresh, alive, vibrating colors heals the body and reverses illness and dis-ease. Every color of our food represents a different family of compounds and phytonutrients, with specific healing and health benefits. It is the color pigments in foods that are the most important parts of the food, in relation to the health giving and healing benefits. It is those colors that determine what body part or organ system the food supports.

Red Foods: Builds the blood, and strengthens the heart, lungs and kidneys

Orange Foods: Supports the eyes, builds immunity and lowers inflammation

Yellow Foods: Build and repair tissue, and support immune system development

Green Foods: Builds the mitochondria, our cellular energy. They neutralize, deoderize, detoxify, clean up the liver, and prevent disease by inhibiting carcinogens

Blue Foods: Powerful antioxidants, fighting free radicals that damage our cells - They support stem cells, bone marrow, throat, and thyroid

Purple Foods: Protect the central nervous system, gut, brain, are nourishing to the eyes, prevent blood clots, support the heart and can even reverse heart disease

Brown Foods: Help reduce inflammation, protect the heart, give energy, has digestive enzymes, and will support intestines and the whole digestive track

Black Foods: Protects us from EMFs and can detox radiation, strengthen the kidney, liver, bone marrow, the immune system and ultimately enhance longevity

White Foods: Beneficial to the lungs, immune system, and energy, and have anti-tumor properties

This is the best way that we can be conscious and intentional of what we put into our body for true high vibe nourishment.

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