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Allergies Are Not A Season

Spring has sprung here in New Mexico....everything is coming back to life, color, and smell. The sun is shining high and bright and there are butterflies flying about and there are other signs that are telling the root fairies that it is time to wake up and tend the gardens. The pollen count is going up fast for the juniper and other allergens that did not get a full seasons' rest and people are really feeling the pressure build this season. Everywhere I go, I hear people talking about their 'horrible allergies' and this being one of the worst years for allergies, in a while.

Here is some thing that might surprise you, Allergies are not a season. Allergies are a sign that something deeper is out of balance in the body. Allergies are a symptom of gut imbalance, to be more specific. The body's response mechanism from those deeper core gut issues, is coming in the form of "allergies", or a weakened state of resistance. Allergies are just a set of symptoms, and are not ever the real issue or even the thing to address in itself, except for immediate comfort. But it will be a bandaid to do something that suppresses the symptoms. When the body is struggling with allergies, it is suffering on a deeper layer and only when those deeper layers are addressed, that you can get to the root of the problem to truly get rid of them for good. When allergies are an issue, there is usually leaky gut syndrome present. What that means is there are holes in the gut lining that are ripped open from many different reasons, like gluten proteins, antibiotics, glyphosate, chemicals, prescription drugs, mercury fillings, stress, processed foods, systemic infections, parasites, candida, sugar consumption and many other things. These holes let food particles, pathogens, hormones and toxins into the blood stream, causing systemic inflammation, but also causing a histamine response or pseudo allergy to everything that gets through. While allergy support can be helpful and in some cases down right necessary, I really encourage you to get to the core of the true reason for your allergies, instead of taking  medications to stop the 'symptoms'. Those symptoms that are clues to that deeper information, becomes limited when medications are taken to mask the symptoms. It's true, that those medications may make one seem better in the moment, but it suppresses those immediate symptoms, not getting them out, but in fact making them  harder to heal. They are not healing the underlying cause at all and will make the problem exponentially worse in the long run. You see, the suppressive medications shove the imbalance(s) deeper into the body, making them even harder to get at, and creating a more extreme, hypersensitive state. They are actually suppressing the immune system and are keeping one in a chronic histamine response, literally causing more allergies and sensitivities...to everything....Systemic Hypersensitivity....In other words, it comes back with a vengeance, because now it has really taken hold, setting into your lymph system, hiding away in your cellular tissues of the joints, bones, muscles, brain, and organs, only to return when all the conditions are right, over and over again. Most people don't make the connection that everyday things are building up in the tissues and are having a cumulative effect on health and overall resistance. This is individual and varies from person to person, but it is usually a ripple effect, nonetheless. What will set off one person, may not set off another and what will help one, may not help with someone else. It really just depends on each person's level of health; where their toxic load is at, where they are at with their nutrition, cleansing, emotions, beliefs, thoughts and spiritual life, and what their weak links and genetic picture is like.

Where do you fall on the continuum of health? Do you know what epigenetics is? We can rise above our genes. We are NOT just subject to "get" what our parents got, even if our genes are similar. We can control our health picture with nutrition, environmental toxin awareness and emotional support, adrenal support and trauma erase. * It's those every day things, that we can control, make choices about and actually do something proactive with, that can make all the difference in the world for your health. Food For Thought!!!

Common Allergy Triggers;

  • Food

  • Environment; Toxins/ Poisons/ Chemicals/ Pesticides/ Herbicides/ Fungicides/ Mold

  • Emotions

  • People

  • Negative Energies

  • Places

  • Animals

  • Traumas

What To Do: Balance Digestion, Fix Leaky Gut, Raise HCl, Stop the cycle of infections, Address Auto-Immune systemic inflammation, Balance Hormones; Support Adrenals, Thyroid, Do a 10 Day Detox Program. You have to fix the gut and get the liver detox pathways able to let toxins go, get cellular nutrition in and then allergies go away.   Go Back To The Basics; Eat Whole Organic Food, Drink Enough Quality Water, Moderate Exercise, Good Sound Sleep, Environmental Toxin Awareness, Fresh Air, Nature and Joy. It is a practice....

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