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Detox Program; 10 & 40 Day Whole Body Cellular Detox & Metabolic Reset

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Holistic Nutritionist & Holistic Wellness Coach Program 

This is a 12-Week On-Line Holistic Nutritionist & Holistic Wellness Coach Dual-Certification Program 

Next Session Starts: June 1st, 2020

Holistic Nutrition is a whole system approach to treating imbalances naturally, using the body’s own guidance and healing system, to uncover the core reasons why illness and disease set in. Using whole food nutrition, superfoods, a gentle detox program & protocols, environmental toxin awareness and emotional support, we can bring in healthy holistic lifestyle habits to fix our gut, reverse illness & disease, strengthen our immune system, find balance and unlock our true vitality, for the long term.

You will learn to support your own healing and health journey, and then you will have the confidence to help and guide others on their path to optimal wellness. We are all healers, but we don't heal others, we heal ourselves. With this program, you will be able to reverse illness and disease in your own body, and bring in vibrant health and vitality, with a system that works. You will know just what to do to be your own daily doctor, check in on yourself, keep yourself healthy, and then you will have the knowledge and confidence to be able to help, guide and support friends, family and clients, leading the way to optimal wellness and a total full body upgrade. This is a new paradigm in healing, living from nature, going back to the basics, and creating a culture that empowers self care. 

"Let Food Be Thy Medicine & Medicine Be Thy Food!" – Hippocrates

What To Expect: 

  • Create a toolbox to draw upon, with muscle testing as the main tool for getting individualized answers, with a solid foundation of holistic lifestyle practices through nutrition, food preparation & homesteading, healing practices, chakra healing system, cleansing techniques, detox, and holistic lifestyle protocols, for dealing with illness, disease, injury and cleansing naturally, while upgrading quality of life.

  • Learn deep cellular nutrition and metabolic reset philosophy to balance hormones, fix the gut, cleanse the liver and reverse illness and disease.

  • Wellness Coach Training. Learn to check in on yourself, to be your own daily doc, to stay on top of your own health issues.

  • Create a holistic business, helping people upgrade their life, to be the best version of themselves.

Module One: Food Is Medicine

  • Holistic Nutrition

  • Superfoods

  • Super Herbs

Module Two: Cellular Nourishment & Detoxification

  • Organs of Elimination

  • Nourish & Detox Protocols

  • Build Immune System Up

Module Three: Reverse & Prevent Disease

  • Fix Microbiome & Inner Ecosystem

  • Balance Hormones

  • Empower Your Healing

Module Four: Holistic Business

  • Programs & Protocols

  • Mindset & Manifesting

  • Holistic Entrepreneur

Your learning packet of materials will include:

  • Holistic Wellness Coach Training Manual

  • Food Is Medicine Video Demos

  • Holistic Therapies & Protocols Training Manual

  • Holistic Protocols Video Demos

  • On Saturday at 1:00pm MST, there will be a live zoom, Q & A, where you can  ask questions, and it will be recorded

  • Every student has access for a large portion of the day on Saturdays, before and after the zoom, for answering all personal questions and receive more in depth guidance from by phone, text, email or zoom

  • Access to Private Facebook Page, for information, support, inspiration, and questions

  • The 10-Day Detox Powerful Healing Protocol & Experiential

  • Blueprint For Living & Coaching A Holistic Lifestyle

When you graduate as a Certified Holistic Nutritionist & Holistic Wellness Coach, you will be able to help yourself and others heal from illness and diseases and have a quality of life you only dreamed about.

Call Jessicca at 505-554-4976 for more information or to register.

12 Week Program is $1111.00.

The AADP – American Association Of Drugless Practitioners is who accredited this program and my board certification as a Holistic Health Practitioner. Upon completion of the 12 week program, you have the option of becoming a Board Certified too, where you can receive a third certification as a ‘Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner’.



"Oh Spirit Almighty! What a fantastic year this has been! I find myself on a solid foundation, which has not been the norm for me in the past. I feel more in touch with my higher self than ever before. I still have my personality flaws, irritating habits and I make tons of mistakes... daily, but I now see it all totally different. Tapping into unconscious behavior habits when I hear a thought that represents a story from the past or a fear for the future. My relationship to water has opened me up to what it is like to quench your thirst. I am more mindful in my mind, more loving in my heart and I have started putting ME to the front of the line. I have softened a few edges and even cut a branch or 2 off. My relationship to me evolved and grew exponentially. 

This program is priceless! I am learning how to take care of do you put a price tag on that?"

Truly fabulous service!!! Big, Big Props!!!

- Kellianne Clare - Cedar Crest, NM - 2016 

" The Institute For Holistic Living Holistic Practitioner Certification Program has been a true blessing to be a part of. The information is exciting, informative, and challenging. I certainly learned more in a year then I ever thought would be possible. Though the program I have compiled a concise library of books and information to access easily and find answers.

I feel confident in my ability to muscle test my family, friends, and starting slowly, a couple of clients. 

The classroom was calm and enjoyable and the new Health Center is beautiful. I was always excited to see what new information - my teachers called it "the juicy" - I would be receiving that day. I would highly recommend this experience to anyone who wants to know more about how to be a self-healer and be

self-advocating on the journey to true health. I am sure that many fine practitioners will be coming out of this program. 

Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of this magical educational journey. "   

- Julie Parker - Albuquerque, NM - 2016 

“Jessicca Kumaalla has created a comprehensive program. It is a solid foundation to begin working with clients immediately! What a difference having this training has made in my confidence to share with clients why they are in pain, or why they are constipated, or why they feel bloated and unwell all the time. I gained the skills to ask the right questions, and learn from my clients own responses, by muscle testing for the answers to these questions. 

I am a Licensed Massage Therapist and Healing Arts Practitioner, I have worked with clients for 20 years. It was so incredible to be able to explain to my client, a physician, why his medial epicondylitis (inner elbow injury) wasn't healing. He wasn't getting the nutrients (calcium, magnesium, collagen, electrolytes, minerals) his body needed to build and repair the tissues! When I asked him how he was eating, he realized his injury wasn't healing because he was malnourished. What a moment to watch the *lightbulb* light up for him. I was able to advise the physician about what he should begin including in his diet!  

I love how this program has enabled and empowered me to work with clients in a more well-rounded and holistic way. I have the beginning foundation of training and skills that I need to be able to speak with authority about things that before used to baffle me.  

This program is great for people who are already into health and wellness, and also for people who are brand new to these ideas and concepts! So glad I took this training and look forward to deepening my understanding and growing into my role as a Holistic Nutritionist and Wellness Coach!! Thank you Jessicca”

- Diédra Hobson, LMT, HHP - Albuquerque, NM - 2019 

“I finished the Food is Medicine Holistic Nutritionist, Holistic Wellness Coach program in December, 2019. It was an eye opening and empowering course for me. I learned so many ways to improve my own health and well-being, even though I consider myself a pretty healthy person already. I have been putting these lessons to practice in my own life, and I know I can also help others with health and well-being issues. There are so many people around me that could benefit from the principles I’ve learned in this course, and I am eager to get to practicing these techniques! 

Jessicca has created a comprehensive curriculum and delivers it in a pace and format that felt comfortable, even with my busy and hectic life. You come out with such a vast wealth of knowledge, and I am so grateful to have taken this course!"  

- Chela Gurnee - Albuquerque, NM - 2019 

“I did the Medicine Dual Certification Program with Jessicca, and I am so glad I did. 

She is a very wise woman who had studied and researched a lot to create this amazing program. 

I learned a lot and I feel much more confident working with my clients specially in terms of supporting them with their nutrition. 

I had been working in healing arts for almost 20 years, and this program is bringing more knowledge to my practice. 

She also provides great books with a lot of great information. 

I am very grateful for her and her work.”   

- Veronica Iglesias - Santa Fe, NM - 2019  

“I can’t say enough about Jessicca Kumaalla and her fantastic course. As a dentist, I’ve taken over 300 credits. It’s rare to come across an instructor as dedicated to her students as Jessicca. She puts the students needs first and I can tell that I have a resource for life. 

She compacts a lot of useful information and it’s very apparent that she’s giving resources that she not only uses, but that she has spent years putting together.  You won’t find this from any other course.” 

- Kayanna Beckmann, Florida - 2019 

"I recently completed the Food Is Medicine Holistic Nutritionist & Holistic Wellness Coaching Certification Program and I am so thankful to have come across such an informative and comprehensive program.  I currently own a business as a Reiki Master Teacher and have aspired to provide more treatment opportunities for my clients.  Intuitively, nutrition has consistently emerged as a root factor in many of my clients' health needs.  I am now confident in discussing and implementing a wellness program to meet their needs.  In addition to the foundational 'nourish and detox' when it comes to diet, I am excited to use new protocols such as Akashic Records Clearing, EFT/Tapping, and Chakra/Meridian Balancing.  

Jessicca was always available to answer any questions I had, even outside our regular meeting times.  She was thorough and often provided additional research tools or resources to help explain the topic.  As a bonus, students received a copy of her book 'Transform Your Health in 40 Days:  A 40-Day Cellular Detox & Metabolic Re-Set Program' packed full of healthy recipes, self care guidelines, and an easy to follow detox program.  Jessicca provides an invaluable support system and I am so happy to be apart of her holistic community!” 

- Katrina Pouliot, Thompson, Connecticut - 4/2020  

"Jessica's Holistic Nutritionist and Holistic Wellness Coach program could not have come at a better time.  I had been wanting to get a health certification for quite some time, I just didn't know the best way to do it or what program to take.

Jessica's program was referred to me by a mutual friend and I am so grateful. The course is so flexible I was able to easily fit it into my life and Jessica provides fantastic support and  manuals that make the information easy to follow and reference.

Whether you have a practice and want to expand your services to clients or you simply want to know more about health and wellness for yourself and your loved ones, Jessica's program is a great program!"

- Kristl Ferguson - Santa Fe, NM - 4/2020

“For as long as I can remember I have had a passion for health and nutrition.   Five years ago I started researching how amazing we are created and how food can be our medicine.   As I learned, I wanted to know even more so I could share this information with people I care about.   I recently completed Jessicca’s Food is Medicine Holistic Nutritionist & Holistic Wellness Coaching Certification Program.   The program is designed so that busy people can easily fit it into their lives.  

During the course, Jessicca  provided guidance and many other resource tools and references to enhance the program.   I am excited to share all my knowledge because as I have learned, once we know more we can do more.  

Jessicca, thank you for being a loving, kind and compassionate mentor and for encouraging me to complete this program.”

- Rachelle Luna - Albuquerque, NM - 4/2020 

“I successfully completed the Food Is Medicine Holistic Nutritionist & Holistic Wellness Coaching Certification Program taught by my best friend and extraordinary teacher, Jessicca Kumaalla. I am excited and so grateful that I decided to jump into school again and take this comprehensive program. I am so thankful to Jessicca for being a supportive and knowledgeable teacher. I am glad to know that I can be part of her generous and loving holistic community and that she’s here to help me grow and succeed with my clients and business.

Jessicca is such a caring person and a wonderful teacher.  I have known her for 18 years and have watched her expertise grow as she has helped so many people of all ages in their journey to holistic health. I am confident that I have learned from one of the top Holistic teachers available. I trust her and her method of teaching how to heal ourselves.

When I was 20, I wanted to help others heal themselves and I have been studying in the healing arts since 2000. This December, I was looking to expand my knowledge and my business to be able to give more to my community. With this new and deeper understanding through Jessicca’s course, I feel I am more well rounded to be able to share and help others heal themselves.  I have been successfully using the 40 Day Transformation that Jessicca teaches to help myself and my clients UPGRADE our health. It has been amazing.  I now have so many more tools to use, like Muscle Testing, Chakra and Meridian Balancing and the Injury Erase Protocol just to name a few.

Overall, I am so excited to be a Board Certified Holistic Coach and Holistic Nutritionist. Also, with this Certification, I will be a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. I want to encourage you to jump into Jessicca’s next course if you are looking for holistic healing. The world needs people who want to heal themselves and people who want to bring Holistic Health to this world.”

- Denise Chambers - Taos, NM - 4/2020 


Retreats & Workshops

  • Retreats

Empower Your Healing - 10 Pillars of Vibrant Health

Long - 7-10 Days on a 35 acre biodynamic farm in Colorado

Short - 4 Days in surrounding areas in N.M.

  • Workshops; 

Monthly Medicine Show - 

Monthly Dinner - 



  • Classes;

Chakra Awakening - Empower Your Emotional Blueprint - In depth study of the chakras, to immerse you into a deep dive, to explore their connection of them to your emotional body. You can use this knowledge and understanding to heal your own body, and communicate with it on a much deeper level. You will have many tools through 8 emails sent to you, over 21 days, for you to digest the information, and put into action some of these juicy steps. 

Tame Your Sugar Monster - Candida is a naturally occurring yeast that can easily get out of balance, causing an infection called Candidiasis, which affects your overall immune system and health. In this 15-day, 3-part program, you will get a daily PDF e-guide sent to your email, with the tools and baby steps necessary to kill it off naturally, re-build, re-nourish and prevent a reoccurrence. 

Continuing Education Units (CEUs) For Body Workers

Holistic Spa Therapies - Spas are a big time industry that have taken off in the world of massage. These are not just feel good therapies, although that is what spas are most known for, these holistic therapies all have many health benefits, promote healing and well being, and can be an integral part to a healthy lifestyle and a successful bodywork practice.

Therapies included;

  • Hot Towels

  • Feet/ Hand Treatments 

  • Herbal Oil Body Wraps 

  • Body Scrubs

  • Sinus Therapy

  • Hot Oil Scalp & Head Massage 

  • Hair Mask

  • Body Mud Mask

Awaken Your Intuition We all have intuition. It is a guidance system built right into our body. A blueprint of our cellular memory of all our tools, lessons, signs and cues. In this course, we will awaken our intuition and program this built-in navigational system, by putting together a toolbox of therapies that clear emotions and traumas. They are easy to access in the moment, and they will really help align the energy of the client and practitioner. This is a way to acknowledge and honor the emotional and intuitive parts of our selves and our clients, before, during and after a bodywork session. These emotional and trauma clearing protocols and supports will set the practitioners apart from most others. The tools that will be integrating into the practice are; Muscle Testing, Pendulum, Chakra Balancing, Gem Stone Therapy & GemNRGy Therapy, Meridian Reset, Allergy Clearing, Light Work, Energy Work, Ho’Oponopono, Clearing Beliefs, Visualizations, Affirmations/ Mantras, Vision Boards, Book Work/ Cards, EFT and Tapping. 

Trauma Release Techniques - We all have physical and emotional trauma in the body. It commonly gets stuck in the tissues and can live there forever, if we don’t release it. There is a lot we can do as practitioners to help get stuck trauma out of the tissues. Learn to gently listen to the clients words and body language, and be able to know which simple tools to draw upon, to wake up the muscles, erase injuries, and guide the trauma right out of a clients body, right there in the moment, giving them instant relief.

Sessions & Programs

  • Sessions; 

Nutrition - Put together a whole nutrition plan foundation, so you will know exactly what to eat and what not to eat, to feel better and get healthier. 

Whole Body Healing - We will look at everything in your life; your nutrition, your exercise routine, the level of your toxic load from the body care and cleaning products you use, and so much more, to reverse illness and disease and live your best life. 

  • Programs; 

Detox Programs; 10 & 40 Day Whole Body Cellular Detox and Metabolic Reset 

This is a revolutionary program. You will flood your body with cellular nutrition like you have never experienced before. This program works because it centers around fixing the gut. When that happens, we can get out inflammation, balance the hormones, and reset the sleep cycle.

Specific ingredients use the bodys' own stored fat for fuel, turning you into the fat burning machine you were meant to be. It frees stem cells too. Most everyone who does it, is reaching their health and weight-loss goals and having amazing transformations. 

This program makes a transition to healthier food and a more plant based diet seamless. These hivibe superfoods make getting nourished and cleaning up the body much easier, to make it a lifestyle and continue the transformation for the rest of your life.

True nourishment doesn't happen when you diet. Dieting only restricts your nutrients. When you are not getting enough nutrients, you are nutrient deficient, and health trouble starts. All illness and disease starts out as nutrition deficiencies. Eating is our only true health care plan. The more we know, the better we do. It is ridiculous to eat terrible and then detox and then just go back to a toxic life. The goal here is to upgrade life for the long term. 


Reasons To Detox:

  • Do you get sick a lot?

  • Do you deal with adrenal fatigue,  chronic fatigue, chronic pain and inflammation or something else?

  • Do you have trouble releasing weight?

  • Do you have chronic allergies and sensitivities?

  • Do you have digestive issues and leaky gut?

  • Do you have parasites, candida or chronic pathogens?

  • Do you have autoimmune?

Detox Includes:

  • Superfoods that are delicious, organic, raw, and vegan, delivered to your door

  • Amino Acids that supports the structure, builds muscles and tightens skin

  • Gut Fixing Herbs and Liver Support 

  • Parasite & Candidiasis Irradicating Herbs

  • Food Plan, Schedule, Shopping List, Recipe Guide

  • 40 Days of Self Care

  • Weekly Check-Ins and Ongoing Support 

  • Facebook support group with inspiration and accountability


What To Expect:

  • Burn Fat, Build Muscle, Tighten Skin

  • Lose up to 15-30lbs & 8 inches

  • Increase Energy and Vitality 

  • Resets Sleep and Circadian Rhythm

  • Balance Hormones

  • Eliminate Parasites, Candidiasis, Chemicals, Glyphosate

  • Break Addictions, Stop Cravings 

  • Reset Metabolism  

  • Fix Gut, Liver, Gallbladder & Digestion

  • Strengthen Immune System  

  • Self Care, Habit Change 

  • New Relationship With Food


"Jessicca Kumaalla is a living library, overflowing with wisdom and knowledge about health and healing. She has been my go-to holistic health practitioner for over 7 years! Jessicca has assisted me with Kinesiology to help me find the right supplements and foods to achieve balance in my body. She has supported me through various illnesses, two challenging back-to-back pregnancies, and even coached me during my daughter's 36 hour home birth, when I was facing emotional blockages and shock in my body. Her emotional clearings and essential oils helped me get my courage back so I could follow through with the healthy home birth I desired. Jessicca also helped me overcome a debilitating back injury recently, her massages and holistic approach helped me get to the root of the problem, and become pain free once again.

Above everything else, Jessicca has taught me how to take my health and healing into my own hands, and gradually develop a whole new lifestyle that includes healthy foods, gut health, cleansing, detoxing, and daily routines to support an optimal life for myself and for my family. I have done the 40 Day Cleanse at least once per year with Jessicca, and each time I absorb more healthy habits which stay with me in my daily life - even beyond the 40 day challenge. I am stronger, healthier and wiser than ever - and I have Jessicca to thank for being there for me, holding the torch, and guiding the way.

Infinite Gratitude & Love for all you do, Jessicca!!!"

— Ramona Snow Teo, NM 2019