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12-Week On-Line Holistic Practitioner Triple Certification Program


Receive 3 Certifications in one program and create a holistic business

and a new career in the holistic health field.

Holistic Nutritionist, Holistic Wellness Coach and

Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner

There is no other program out there like this one.

We use muscle testing as the foundational tool to get individualized answers to get to the root cause  of imbalance. You will go deep into holistic nutrition and lifestyle practices to create personalized programs for transformational change. With this technique, you will be able to work with people in person and long distance.

With so many holistic practitioner programs, these are the reasons why this holistic practitioner certification program is unique and  stands out from all others. 

If you decide you are ready to heal, create your best most aligned life, and help guide others in their healing journey, then this program is for you. Become a practitioner and have a great foundation with a unique and super effective toolbox for transformation, and be a part of a holistic practitioner community that

empowers people in healing themselves.


If the time is feeling aligned, I am ecstatic to connect with you.

Join the Holistic Practitioner Certification Program today. Call Jessicca Kumaalla for more information or to register.


Total: $1500.00 plus NM tax


The sessions for 2021:

- January 4th, 2021

- May 3rd, 2021

- September 6th, 2021

Coaching Curriculum Postcard 5.5x8.5 Fro
Coaching Curriculum Postcard 5.5x8.5 Bac