Muscle Testing - Wholistic Kinesiology

Muscle testing is a really effective tool for checking in with the body. A way to get answers about what is going on inside the body, and what it needs in that moment to rebalance. It is simply just tapping into the higher self wisdom, and universal energy, that knows what is going on at all times, and has all our answers. By using tools that are built into the body, we are able to bypass what we think, and just ask the body what it needs.


Muscle Testing also known as Wholistic Kinesiology, is used to gain feedback about what imbalances exist in the body, and what therapies and remedies are needed to regain balance. This is a system of making sense of it all. It begins with a neurological test, checking in with the nervous system, which is an electrical system, with positive and negative current flows. It creates an electromagnetic field around it, which is measurable. Different things can short circuit or interrupt the system, just like the electrical system in our home. The Chinese systems of flow of electrical energy are called meridians. We use the meridian flow pathway in the body in Kinesiology. The Eastern medical practitioners have paved the way for us, by literally mapping out electrical hi-ways in the body. If electrical energy is not flowing properly to an organ, muscle or joint, we can detect this imbalance through testing the nervous system.


When there are signs of imbalance, we can interpret these messages as signs that the body is trying to tell us something. The body makes no mistakes. It is just talking to us. If we cover up the signs, we only mask the symptoms and ignore the cause. Which is what Western medicine does. With Kinesiology, we can match the signs up with the cause, and get to the root of the health issues. We can also detect imbalances before they become symptomatic. 

Sometimes we think we know in our brain, what is going on. Muscle testing helps us take our over thinking monkey mind out of the equation, and just ask the body what it needs. It is often something deeper, that we wouldn't have even considered mentally. We are all intuitive beings, and we oftentimes just don't know it or aren't tapped into that deep wisdom. With muscle testing, we can learn how to listen to what the body is trying to say. Our body is always talking to us and we can figure out what the core pieces are , to balance the body, and reverse health issues naturally. 


To do muscle testing, we can use any muscle of the person being tested, to get yes and no answers. If it is a long distance session, we use our own muscle to test. Either way, the practitioner is making a circuit of energy with the client, to read to energy of the body. It is very accurate. Because the body knows what it needs and is wise, we can tap into imbalances that are physical, but also imbalanced that are energetic, that have not manifested physically yet. It is typically done by pushing on the arm of the client, but self testing is done for long distance work, and that is typically done with pushing on certain fingers. 

Muscle Testing Holistic Therapies Can Help With...

1. Gut Health & Inner Ecosystem

2. Hormone Balancing

3. Sleep

4. Physical Pain

5. Stress

6. Weight Releasing

7. AutoImmune Disease

8. Detoxification

9. Nutrition Needs

10. Nutrition & Supplement Plan

11. Exercise

10 Pillars Of Health For Vibrant Living

  1. Nutrition - Organic - Intermittent Fasting 

  2. Hydration - Clean Water - Structured Water - Ph - Alkalinity - Electrolytes

  3. Structural - Physical - Movement - Exercise - Bodywork  

  4. Good Restorative Sleep - Circadian Rhythm - Repair

  5. Gut - MicroBiome - Inner Ecosystem - Detoxification - Cleansing A Little Every Day 

  6. Spiritual - Energy Work - Meditation - Visualization - Breath-Work - Mindset - Forgiveness

  7. Grounding - Earthing - EMFs - Nature - Sunshine - Sun Gazing - Joy

  8. Our 3 Brains/Hearts Integrating - Heart, Brain, Gut 

  9. Environmental Toxin Awareness - Cleaning Products - Body Products 

  10. Plant Medicine - Allies - Herbs - Homeopathy - Flower Essences - Essential Oils - Prevention

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