Muscle Testing - Wholistic Kinesiology

Muscle testing is a way to get answers about what is going on inside the body, and what it needs in that moment to rebalance. It is simply just tapping into the higher self wisdom, and universal energy, that knows what is going on at all times, and has all our answers. By using tools that are built into the body, we are able to bypass what we think, and just ask the body what it needs.


Wholistic Kinesiology, also known as muscle testing, is used to gain feedback about what imbalances exist in the body, and what therapies and remedies are needed to regain balance. The nervous system, which is an electrical system, creates an electromagnetic field around it, which is measurable.  The Chinese systems of flow of electrical energy are called meridians, literally mapping out electrical hi-ways in the body. If electrical energy is not flowing properly to an organ, muscle or joint, we can detect this imbalance through testing the nervous system.


When there are signs of imbalance, we can interpret these messages as the body is trying to tell us something. The body makes no mistakes. It is always talking to us. If we cover up the signs, we only mask the symptoms and ignore the cause. Which is what Western medicine does. With Kinesiology, we can match the signs up with the cause, and get to the root of the health issues. When we give the body what it is asking for, healing happens. 

Muscle Testing  Helps:

  • Gut Health & Inner Ecosystem

  • Hormone Balancing

  • Sleep

  • Physical Pain

  • Stress

  • Weight Releasing

  • AutoImmune Disease

  • Detoxification

  • Nutrition  Plan & Support

  • Exercise Plan

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“Kinesiology has changed my life! It made it possible for me to get pregnant, carry to term, have a healthy, happy baby, and be a healthy, happy mama. It sounds funny but, Jessicca put in more time and effort getting me pregnant and bringing my baby into the world then the father. Jessicca worked with me to find the right diet and supplements, and what beliefs and emotions to let go of. I also lost 30 lbs. I am so grateful to Jessicca and for Wholistic Kinesiology.”

- Samantha Adams - Albuquerque, NM 2010

"Jessicca Kumaalla is an amazing intuitive healer. Before seeing her, I had low energy and reoccurring abdominal pain. At that point, conventional doctors weren’t able to help. I was left to tolerate these conditions. Jessicca’s treatments, which involve her extensive knowledge of health and a structured system for tapping into her intuition, were able to get me back on my path to healing. My energy level is healthy and stable. My digestion has improved immensely. I was able to work with Jessicca and conventional doctors to get a clear picture of what was causing my abdominal pain. We now have a plan to help me continue to heal my digestive tract. Jessicca has taught me how to connect with my own intuitive healer— my intuition. This way, I can check in with my intuition to see what I need to address minor things like fighting off a cold. In addition to addressing physical health, Jessicca also addresses the emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects. Her approaches are simple and highly effective. They’ve even helped me make great strides in my career. As a result of working with Jessicca, I feel more empowered in my healing process. I’ve found solutions to my health needs, where conventional medicine was at a loss. I look forward to continuing my healing process and becoming even healthier than I was before I had the issues that brought me to see Jessicca."

- Sue Sullivan - Albuquerque, NM 2012