10 & 40 Day Whole Body Cellular Detox and Metabolic Reset 


This is a revolutionary program. You will flood your body with cellular nutrition like you have never experienced before. This program works because it centers around fixing the gut. When that happens, we can get out inflammation, balance the hormones, and reset the sleep cycle.

Specific ingredients use the bodys' own stored fat for fuel, turning you into the fat burning machine you were meant to be. It frees stem cells too. Most everyone who does it, is reaching their health and weight-loss goals and having amazing transformations. 

This program makes a transition to healthier food and a more plant based diet seamless. These hivibe superfoods make getting nourished and cleaning up the body much easier, to make it a lifestyle and continue the transformation for the rest of your life.

True nourishment doesn't happen when you diet. Dieting only restricts your nutrients. When you are not getting enough nutrients, you are nutrient deficient, and health trouble starts. All illness and disease starts out as nutrition deficiencies. Eating is our only true health care plan. The more we know, the better we do. It is ridiculous to eat terrible and then detox and then just go back to a toxic life. The goal here is to upgrade life for the long term. 

Reasons To Detox:

  • Are you sick a lot or have chronic infections?

  • Do you have chronic fatigue, adrenal fatigue, fibromyalgia or other mystery diseases?

  • Is your thyroid out of balance?

  • Do you have trouble releasing weight?

  • Are you undernourished?

  • Are you toxic?

  • Do you experience chronic allergies and sensitivities, or are sensitive to EVERYTHING?

  • Do you have digestive issues and leaky gut?

  • Do you have parasites or candidiasis, auto-Immune or cancer?


If you relate to any of these reasons above, then a detox is a really great and important thing for you to do. But it is good for everyone, because we can all use an upgrade, no matter where we are at in our health and life journey. Once you start to up level your health, it becomes very clear that there is more and more we can clear out and support.


What To Expect:

This detox program is based on liquid sunshine. Just like a plant that photosynthesizes itself  with the sunlight to detox and make energy, our bodies do the same exact thing. Did you know that our molecule of hemoglobin is almost identical to the molecule of chlorophyll? That is exactly why we can use the green liquids to move out toxins and to cleanse us, but also give us amazing energy. Chlorophyll is the blood of the plants, and it cleanses our blood. Most people have system blood inflammation from leaky gut and autoimmune, so this is a key piece to detox.


This program is a true, healthy and effective way to nourish and detox, and is the most effective system I have ever worked with. People are getting more healthy the fastest, cheapest and best way, out of all the protocols I have learned, used and recommended over the last 10 years. It works because it is based on fixing the gut. the gut is the center of our health and immune system. Everything else is secondary. We have a gut healing protocol better than anything else out there. 


Program Details:

  • You will have delicious, raw, organic, superfoods, delivered straight to your door.

  • Loose on average 7-15lbs and up to 30lbs and 14 inches in 30 days. 

  • It is an anabolic detox, so it builds up the body and supports the structure, feeding the muscles and creating energy, instead of breaking down the body with muscle wasting, like most detoxes do.

  • Metabolic reset happens, because it stimulates adiponectin, our skinny hormone, making us the fat burning machine that we are meant to be.

  • It reduces inflammation.

  • You will lose cravings for unhealthy foods, and embrace a better relationship with food.

  • You will enjoy 2 more hours of deep REM sleep with naturally occurring melatonin able to be made, stimulating serotonin, and resetting the circadian rhythm. 

  • You will burn fat, build muscle, stamina, and strength, tighten the skin, and heal injuries.

  • It removes glyphosate, chemicals, toxins, and poisons out of the tissues, cells and the gut. 

  • It fixes leaky gut, restores the microbiome, creates naturally occurring HCl, regrows the micro-villi, helping you be able to absorb your nutrients you consume, and it gets rid of systemic blood inflammation.

  • It will raise your quality of life.

  • It balances the hormones. 

  • It will build and strengthen the immune system.

  • And ultimately transforms bad habits into a healthy life-style habits to upgrade your life.