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CBD Is The Fastest Growing Industry In The World 


We all have an endocannabinoid system? It is a brilliant mechanism, built right into our beautiful body, that is specifically there to regulate and help us adapt to stress. The main role of this system is to make and release cannabinoids or CBD, that are naturally occurring throughout our tissues, to bring us balance (homeostasis). We are wired to receive it, and our bodies are constantly looking for it. 

The cannabis hemp plant contains more than 60 different cannabinoids within it, and because we have receptor sites for it, throughout our body, even in our breast milk, it is an amazing and natural way to create full body balance and a strengthened immune system. When the body doesn’t have enough naturally occurring CBD, because of age, stress or illness, our body goes on high alert, and it is not balanced, so we need to supplement.  

CBD balances and supports some of our most fundamental processes like pain, inflammation, sleep, appetite, mood, energy, anxiety, memory, and even reproduction. When the body is fighting inflammation, illness or disease, the endocannabinoid activity is on high alert, and is elevated trying constantly to rebalance, and help us rebuild our nervous system and immune system. It is reversing the opioid addiction.

Here are some things to look for in a good quality CBD:

  • Organic 

  • Full Spectrum

  • Hemp Seed Oil Based

  • CO2 Extracted 

  • High Potency 1500mg 

  • No added ingredients


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