CBD Is The Fastest Growing Industry In The World!!!

Did you know that we all have an endocannabinoid system? It is a brilliant mechanism, built right into our beautiful body, that is specifically there to regulate and help us adapt to stress. The main role of this system is to make and release cannabinoids or CBD, that are naturally occurring throughout our tissues, to bring us balance (homeostasis). We are wired to receive it, and our bodies are constantly looking for it. 

The cannabis hemp plant contains more than 60 different cannabinoids within it, and because we have receptor sites for it, throughout our body, even in our breast milk, it is an amazing and natural way to create balance. When the body doesn’t have enough naturally occurring CBD, because of age, stress or illness, our body goes on high alert, and it is not balanced, it is stressed. This is the place most people live at....Often times an external source is needed, to be able to enjoy the full body balancing benefits that comes from it.

CBD balances and supports some of our most fundamental processes like pain, inflammation, sleep, appetite, mood, waking energy, anxiety, memory, and even reproduction. Ultimately this balance is needed for an overall strong immune system.
When the body is fighting inflammation, illness or disease, the endocannabinoid activity, is on high alert, and is elevated trying constantly to rebalance, and help us rebuild our nervous system and immune system. CBD does this best, out of all that is available.

Prior to 20th century prohibition, cannabis had been used for thousands of years, to treat epilepsy, headaches, migraines, arthritis, pain, depression and nausea. In more recent years, it has been known to help support and reverse most chronic and acute illnesses and diseases. 

What it does for me is, help with anxiety, stress, calming of the nervous system, pain and inflammation, better than anything I have ever found. It has helped my daughter with anxiety, stress, sleep and growing pains. It helps support our fur babies. It stopped my friends morning sickness, and her kiddo’s ADD/ADHD and behavior imbalances. It is safe for animals, kids, and during pregnancy.

The CBD industry is a new paradigm in medicine and in holistic healing. It works great, is very fast acting, completely natural, and is extremely effective. CBD is the fastest growing industry in the world and in the future of natural medicine, and is projected to grow to a $22 billion a year industry by 2021.

I’m thrilled to have access to the most potent, pure, therapeutic, hemp, CO2 derived CBD oils available on the market. Our CBD has the hemp certification and seal of approval, which only 13 companies in the world have. Since CBD is sold on every corner now, it is good to know that not all CBD are created equal, and quality matters so much. I am very excited about the future of the company I’ve recently partnered with! These are ground breaking, cutting edge holistic supports, we are bringing in for health and healing.

Here are some of the things I look for in a good quality CBD.

  • Organic 

  • Full Spectrum

  • Hemp Seed Oil Based

  • CO2 Extracted which means pure and made with no chemicals

  • High Potency 1500mg

  • Lower Potency for animals and kids - 250mg, 500mg and 750mg 

  • No added ingredients

  • US Hemp Authority Certification Seal of Approval

If you want to learn more, sign up below for the short video tour, or call Jessicca at (505)554-4976 for more information.