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We offer a variety of Holistic Healing Therapies and Protocols, and Personal Wellness Empowerment services that support the whole being: Mind, Body and Spiritual health. Whether you are experiencing a state of illness or disease, or simply just want to up-level your health and longevity, we can give you the tools to empower you and change your life forever.

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Services Offered:

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2 Triple Certification Programs: 


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We all have intuition, and our body is always talking to us, telling us what it needs. It is our built in guidance and healing system, and we can learn to interpret it. We will put together a toolbox of therapies, to awaken and honor our intuition, clear emotions and traumas, change beliefs and find exactly what is needed. .


Trauma can get stuck in the body, and can cause a disruption in its' normal functioning. If stuck in the body for long periods of time, serious long term health issues are common. Learn simple techniques to release the traumas from organs and body systems and help healing.

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Spas are a big time industry that has taken off in the world of massage. These are not just feel good therapies, these are holistic therapies and they all have many health benefits, promote healing and well being, and can be an integral part to a healthy lifestyle. Learn how to upgrade your business by integrating a variety of high end holistic spa therapies into your practice.

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Connect the body, mind and spirit, using many techniques and baby steps, for true and long lasting transformation. 


8 Weeks of:

Group Support & Accountability

Schedule, List, Guide & Tips

Clean Eating

Release Inflammation

Strengthen Immune System 

14-Day Sugar Detox

Tame Your Sugar Monster

A Candida Support and Prevention Program!


For 15 days, you will be learning about your gut microbiome and healing it. Get a foundational understanding of your own bodys' health cues and what to do about it. This is the best way to not only support, prevent and benefit from the concepts and wisdom that is discussed here, but also to help integrate them into daily living, for long term health to thrive.

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Salts Massage
Health Challenge

3-Day Raw Juice Challenge

How many of us actually eat the seven servings of fruit and vegetables that are recommended to prevent chronic disease? Much less getting enough for health to thrive. A new way to eat the rainbow.

Here is a 3 day challenge to give your body the gift of juicing.

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Nutrition Challenge

7-Day Nutrition Challenge

Over 7 days you will;

  • Create a whole foods plan system as the foundation

  • Transform your kitchen, cooking and philosophy around food, health and the standard American diet. 

  • Receive an email each day for the next 7 days to guide and support the process.

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A 90-Day Full-Body Transformation with a Cellular Detox & Metabolic Re-Set program, that will up-grade your heath and life through whole food and superfood nutrition! 

Emotional Blueprint

Chakra Awakening

The chakras are a blueprint of our unique vibrational signature, with a guidance and navigation map, to connect with our feelings and emotions. through a complete healing system, built right into our body.

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Whole Body Health

30-Day Full Body Re-Set 

4-week guided program, where you will go back to the basics and learn concrete tools to support yourself, while integrating new habits for your health and vitality to thrive!

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28-Day Life Cleanse

Take a step by step journey to clean your body, house and life of poisons, chemicals and allergenic foods, to awaken the vitality within you

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Additional Therapies Available:

Create a new paradigm in healing, empowerment and self care, to live a holistic lifestyle, by challenging the daily impacts of diet, emotions and the environment. Be a part of a culture that honors self care, learn to be your own advocate, and daily doc, to make better choices to reach a higher state of health and vitality.  

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