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Institute For Holistic Nutrition was founded in 2017 to help create a community that is empowered in self care and knowing how to check in on yourself. But really this work began in 2010, after Jessicca graduated the Wholistic Kinesiology Institute, with an emphasis on nutrition.

Jessicca learned over 30 years, that what helped her the most was going back to nature and Back To The Basics. She eventually worked with a mentor, who really helped her get clear on what her visions and goals were. She helped her focus on and tune in to what her healing needs were, and what her heart vision was singing out for her to do next, to get on the right path. She made a practice of exploring beliefs, when they were limiting and ultimately she knew that the muscle testing would keep it all aligned. She began honoring her higher self wisdom and ultimately taking the steps to align toward her goals. It worked and now she has helped many people align with their goals and make a direct plan to success. She made it through to the other side and wants to help others do the same. She got her life back, and unlocked her true vitality within. We have an innate wisdom, tools within us, and the knowledge of how to heal ourselves. Everyone can do this. This is why Jessicca shares this work with the world!!!! We all need to do this for ourselves. It is our only true health care plan. 

Her Vision: Guided by the understanding that nature is our biggest teacher, plants our only true nourishment and medicine, and the deep and potent wisdom of our body, will provide us with all we will ever need to repair, heal, regenerate, restore balance, and unlock our true vitality. She challenges the daily impacts of diet, emotions, and the environment, to empower people to take responsibility, make better choices, advocate for their health, and heal themselves. To create a culture that empowers and embodies self care, to take us as a collective, to the next level, and create a vibrant and conscious next generation. 

Her Mission: To teach people the important message that we are the only one that can take care of ourself, how to check in on ourself and be our own daily doctor. Treating imbalances naturally using the body’s own guidance system, we can uncover the root cause why illness and disease starts the cycle. Healing happens from the inside out. Once you get to the root cause and find the core pieces why the imbalance is there in the first place, and you give the body what it needs to fix it, it will heal. She will show you the tools to do this. 

We offer a variety of Personal Wellness Empowerment services that support the Mind Body and Spiritual health. There are many therapies, classes, retreats, and even a certification program, to upgrade your tools to gain vitality and optimal health. Whether you are experiencing a state of illness or disease, or simply just want to upgrade your health and longevity, Jessicca Kumaalla and Institute For Holistic Nutrition can give you the tools to change your life.

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