The 7-Day Nutrition Challenge

Do you want and need tools and resources in creating a food plan foundation system that is healthy whole, delicious and fulfilling? The 7 Day Nutrition Challenge is here! A program to help you meet your most basic food needs.

For the next 7 days…You will travel on a journey to embrace the glorious options of healthy foods for healthy living. You will gain the tools you need to support this process and you will create a food plan with a solid foundation to work from, for your daily food. 

This is a lifestyle transformation and if these techniques are integrated into your daily life and overall lifestyle choices, they will support your ever-thriving growth in healing, balance and vitality.

Create a whole foods diet foundation with a simple and easy to follow food plan system. Learn how to transform your kitchen, cooking and philosophy around food, health and the standard American diet. 

This 7-Day Program:

  • You will receive daily emails, an easy to follow food suggestion list, to support your process of making adaptations while avoiding overwhelm.
  • You will begin to create a new food foundation, by exchanging the foods that are in your cupboards, pantry, refrigerator and freezer with healthier and delicious choices.
  • You will receive guideline, shopping lists, empowerment, holistic nutrition information, food plan, menu and recipes.

Day 1: Basic Food Rule

Day 2: Food Calendar

Day 3: The Art Of Decoding Labels

Day 4: Let’s Go Shopping

Day 5: Pantry & Cupboard Exchanges

Day 6: Refrigerator & Freezer Exchanges

Day 7: Recipes, Juicy Gems & Menu Challenge

If you want to take it deeper and have personalized support during the week, you can do various modalities; Food Allergy Clearings, Emotional Clearings, Customized Food Plan, Detox, Specific Issues.