The 30-Day Full-Body Re-Set

A 4-week guided program, where you will go back to the basics and learn concrete tools to support yourself, while integrating new habits that create a positive spring-board for your health and vitality to thrive! This is a jumpstart for your body, mind and spirit but it also brings into alignment your health goals with a plan of action.

You Will Receive:

  • 4 – 30 minute phone sessions, 1 per week
  • 4 pdf e-guides, one per week, that will provide you with easy daily baby steps with lifestyle suggestions to integrate new habits that are aligned with where you are going, to support and guide the process
  • Ways to bring it in long term

Week 1: Creating Space, Goal Setting, Clearing Beliefs, Journaling/Free-writing, Vision Board. Action Steps: GemNRGy Therapy

Week 2: Going ‘Back To The Basics’ by embracing easy foundational pieces. Honor YOUR vibration and open up to the power of your chakras. Each day you will embark on a journey, to bring each chakra alive. You will see how they relate to your vibration, your emotions, your energy and connect to your basic health needs. Action Steps: You will check your ph and exercise your intuition

Week 3: You will be guided to go through a room of your house each day, to look at the labels of ingredients in body care and cleaning products. You will look on the list you will be provided and see what chemicals are lurking or how “clean” yours are. Head to toe body care for natural living with a couple simple do at home recipes. Action Steps: Identify your toxic load and learn how our environment, emotions and foods can add to it

Week 4: Spend the week getting clear on how foods support a healthy lifestyle and vibrant living. This knowledge is power. You are the only one that knows this for yourself, so take note. Start cutting out the foods that do not benefit where you are going with your health. Action Steps: Food Plan, Recipe Challenge, and Food Fact Follow Up