Jessicca Kumaalla is a living library, overflowing with wisdom and knowledge about health and healing. She has been my go-to holistic health practitioner for over 7 years! Jessicca has assisted me with Kinesiology to help me find the right supplements and foods to achieve balance in my body. She has supported me through various illnesses, two challenging back-to-back pregnancies, and even coached me during my daughter’s 36 hour home birth when I was facing emotional blockages and shock in my body. Her emotional clearings and essential oils helped me get my courage back so I could follow through with the healthy home birth I desired. Jessicca also helped me overcome a debilitating back injury recently, her massages and holistic approach helped me get to the root of the problem and become pain free once again. Above everything else, Jessicca has taught me how to take my health and healing into my own hands and gradually develop a whole new lifestyle that includes healthy foods, gut health, cleansing, detoxing, and daily routines to support an optimal life for myself and for my family. I have done the 40 Day Cleanse at least once per year with Jessicca, and each time I absorb more healthy habits which stay with me in my daily life – even beyond the 40 day challenge. I am stronger, healthier and wiser than ever – and I have Jessicca to thank for being there for me, holding the torch and guiding the way. Infinite Gratitude & Love for all you do, Jessicca!!!
– Ramona Snow Teo,  New Mexican Visionary Artist & Graphic Designer – 2019


Jessica was wonderfully supportive and encouraging when I did the 10-Day Metabolic Re-Set. She rolled out the red carpet for me and was there 100% of the time for me, backing me up with answers to my questions and concerns. She was always kind and caring, even though I felt I must have and been a terrible pest at times. I felt loved and cared for. Her energy held the space for me, I’m grateful for her incredible understanding and loving kindness. Overall, it was a very positive experience.  I could feel the nutrients working on my body and I felt supported by the supplements. – Sharlene Ellsworth, Taos, NM 2017


Oh Spirit Almighty! What a fantastic year this has been! I find myself on a solid foundation, which has not been the norm for me in the past. I feel more in touch with my higher self than ever before. I still have my personality flaws, irritating habits and I make tons of mistakes… daily, but I now see it all totally different. Tapping into unconscious behavior habits when I hear a thought that represents a story from the past or a fear for the future. My relationship to water has opened me up to what it is like to quench your thirst. I am more mindful in my mind, more loving in my heart and I have started putting ME to the front of the line. I have softened a few edges and even cut a branch or 2 off. My relationship to me evolved and grew exponentially.

This program is priceless! I am learning how to take care of myself….how do you put a price tag on that? Truly fabulous service!!! Big, Big Props!!! – Kellianne Clare, Cedar Crest, NM


Jessicca Kumaalla has helped me go off thyroid medication, healing Hashimoto’s Disease. She has helped me get off multiple other medications and I’m feeling fantastic. My son Logan is much better as well, after working with her. If you have health concerns or issues, please, please, please give her a call and find out how easy it is to regain health. – Elissa Chazdon Albuquerque, NM


Kinesiology has changed my life! It made it possible for me to get pregnant, carry to term, have a healthy, happy baby and be a healthy, happy mama. It sounds funny but Jessicca put in more time and effort getting me pregnant and bringing my baby into the world then the father. Jessicca worked with me to find the right diet and supplements and what beliefs and emotions to let go of.  I also lost 30 lbs. I am so grateful to Jessicca and for Wholistic Kinesiology. – Samantha Adams, Albuquerque, NM


I was feeling internally out of whack and I came to the conclusion that I needed to do something to fix it.  I just finished reading a book on chakras and have been trying to meditate on a daily basis.  I had 16 hours in Albuquerque and decided to do myself a favor.

A quick search for chakra balancing and at 1am, I wrote an email asking if they had anytime to meet the “next” day.  Jessicca called me around 10 and I was meeting her at 12:30, less than 12 hours later!

She is terrific, open and calm.  We did a quick chakra fix which left me feeling amazing, almost like I could do anything! She balanced my chakras, explained where I was out of alignment and gave me some rose quartz and a “mantra” to keep this particular chakra open and hopefully healing.

I am a weird blend of open-mindedness and cynicism.  So I always want to try new things but my mind doesn’t always let them work.  This time it did!  Jessicca gave me some suggestions of what I could be doing to help keep this chakra open.  One such thing was to wear yellow and even eat yellow foods.  I knew yellow was not a part of my clothing repertoire and all I could think of at the time was yellow squash so I quickly dismissed it.  Cut to two hours later, I am in Trader Joe’s and not even realizing what I was doing at the time, I purchased sliced mango and curried cauliflower.  When I got back to the room, I realized that this 30 minute quick fix got to me on a subconscious level too.

I wish I lived closer because they have so many interesting classes I would love to try, even so I will definitely try to come back as often as possible. Thank you Jessicca for the eye-opening experience.  I loved every minute of it. – Tara T.  Livermore, California  4/18/2017 


Jessicca Kumaalla is an amazing intuitive healer. Before seeing her, I had low energy and reoccurring abdominal pain. At that point, conventional doctors weren’t able to help. I was left to tolerate these conditions. Jessicca’s treatments, which involve her extensive knowledge of health and a structured system for tapping into her intuition, were able to get me back on my path to healing. My energy level is healthy and stable. My digestion has improved immensely.

I was able to work with Jessicca and conventional doctors to get a clear picture of what was causing my abdominal pain. We now have a plan to help me continue to heal my digestive tract. Jessicca has taught me how to connect with my own intuitive healer — my intuition. This way, I can check in with my intuition to see what I need to address minor things like fighting off a cold. In addition to addressing physical health, Jessicca also addresses the emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects. Her approaches are simple and highly effective. They’ve even helped me make great strides in my career. As a result of working with Jessicca, I feel more empowered in my healing process. I’ve found solutions to my health needs, where conventional medicine was at a loss. I look forward to continuing my healing process and becoming even healthier than I was before I had the issues that brought me to see Jessicca.     – Sue Sullivan Albuquerque, NM       



Fantastic healer for your mind, body, and soul, Jessicca knows intuitively what areas of the body need work. Her holistic approach to massage therapy and kinesiology is very relaxing and reassuring and you know you will have results and feel great after a session with her. I have been a client for years and have recommended often. – Tess Sanchez Albuquerque, NM


Jessicca is a outstanding massage and colon therapist! She helped my body heal from an athletic injury. Because of her work (body and colon) my down time after surgery from my injury was cut in half. Jessicca is incredibly intuitive in her work but also has the “book knowledge” balance about massage and colon therapy. I owe much to Jessicca with the incredible work she did! She is a 5-star!!!! – Paula Miller  Albuquerque, NM     


Jessicca has a thirst for knowledge, and her knowledge base is continuously growing and she will continually share with you all that she sees can benefit you. She also has the gift of touch! I see her as having the ‘mother earth’ energy. She’s very grounded and provides a warm, loving, and safe presence. She will facilitate health and balance in those that she serves. I would recommend her to anyone looking to nourish their body and soul. – Ameya Bela  Albuquerque, NM


I received massage therapy from Jessicca for years while living in New Mexico. She is a wonderful and gifted bodyworker with much love and attentiveness in her hands. I always walked away feeling completely nourished and balanced from receiving bodywork from her. I miss her bodywork greatly now that I live far away! – Jessica Snyder  Albuquerque, NM


Jessicca is totally knowledgeable in her field and has greatly helped me overcome a chronic medical problem. I have seen her for many years and continue to on a regular basis. She very sensitive to the needs of each person she is working with. – Linda Brown  Albuquerque, NM


Outstanding service as a therapeutic massage therapist – I even had her work on my mom! And her expertise is beyond just “bodywork” – she’s a healer as well. And she’s very professional – even when working on her friends and family – a star in Albuquerque in the massage field. – CJ Barclay  Albuquerque, NM


Jessicca is really good at what she does. She really helped me feel better and healthier. – Eric Chrisp  Albuquerque, NM


Jessicca knows the science of massage and bodywork, the art of healing, the spirit of wellness, and the magic that’s just her own. It’s a treat! – Judy Ohmer Ph.d. Albuquerque, NM 


Thank you Jessicca. The Wholistic Kinesiology I received from you, helped me understand why my back hurt so much and what was going on in my body. You pinpointed what was wrong and gave me  helpful remedies and ideas to create healing. Thank you!!!!! – Denise Chambers, Taos, NM