Meet Jessicca

Hi Beautiful!!!
As early as I can recall, I have always felt drawn to bringing well-being to those around me by way of touch and nature. One of my earliest and fulfilling memories of this was in which I had convinced my entire 3rd grade class to form a perpetual massage train. My enthusiasm for healing touch was noticed by my elders, and it was suggested that I pursue a path in massage therapy. I embraced this path early on, and thus began my exploration into the healing modalities at around age 18.

I suffered from many chronic health problems. I grew up eating pretty healthy. My mom made all our food from scratch at home. We bought our food fresh and alive and really didn’t buy much in packages. We had all the “health foods” of the time in our cupboards and fridge like whole wheat bread, peanut butter, tons of fruits and veggies, whole meats and teas of all kinds.

When I was 16, and had a little freedom, I started eating all the foods that my mom never let me eat. I was eating processed foods and fast foods for the very first time. I felt different and I wanted to fit in with my friends. I quickly gained about 20 pounds, my skin erupted, my digestion and hormones struggled and my health began to decline in subtle and fast ways. The only thing I changed was what I put in my body in the course of about 3 years.

My health issues came to a critical point when I was 19. I had just graduated from massage school and was about to go back to college as well, to continue my degree in Nutrition and I suddenly became very ill. My digestion totally shut down, I couldn’t eat and my quality of life diminished significantly over the course of a month. My weight decreased rapidly and I thought I was going to die. My initial diagnosis was giardia, because I had just been traveling in Mexico – which is the result of being infected by a parasite. I was given treatment based on that diagnosis that made me sicker, and brought me close to death. In desperation, I checked myself into a hospital to try to figure out how to not die. A second diagnosis offered the conclusion that I had ulcerative colitis – a disease the affects the digestive tract and colon with inflammation. This was not something that happened over night. This was a few years of bad habits after living pretty clean before that.

After spending a week in the hospital, my condition improved enough for me to leave. When I asked the doctor what I could do to prevent any recurrence – they delivered a rather shocking statement.

“This condition will never go away. You must live on anti-inflammatories for the rest of your life.”

A few things occurred to me right away: They didn’t inquire about any aspects of my life. They didn’t know my diet, if I took drugs or prescriptions, if I exercised, what my stress levels were like, anything about my childhood, traumas or really anything about my specific situation. How could they offer such a damming conclusion to the rest of my life without understanding the entirety of my situation or my body?

This made no sense. In more of a proclamation to the universe rather than to the doctors themselves,  I informed them that I would not need their prescription and I would not be coming back. I would start to eat right again, stop consuming alcohol, start working out, eliminate my stressful relationships, start exercising and doing many other healthy things to eliminate stress.

I never filled their prescription for anti-inflammatories. Not once.

Other than surgeries and emergencies, my participation in toxic western medicine ended and my deeper journey into wholistic therapy began. Being my own test subject, I made all the changes I said I would. I ate better, I removed toxic substances and situations from my life, I started yoga, I did a whole series of cleanses, including colonics. My health turned around, and I managed to heal myself from what is considered an incurable disease. My vitality returned. And through this experience, my mission was made very clear: I can bring this empowering and non-toxic form of healing to others.

In the 27 years since that story began, I have learned from countless sources, and have had wonderful mentors along the way. I became a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner and Holistic Nutritionist and created my own nutrition program and cleansing system. I have learned there is not one cure or answer to everyones’ health issues, however many studies suggest that a diet consisting of mainly anti-inflammatory foods and supplements, avoiding sugar, processed foods and creating an alkaline environment in the body can help reverse illness and disease and benefit one’s overall well-being. I decided to completely restore my health, cleanse my body inside and out and flood it with the best nutrients available. I have energy like never before, I am able to work and exercise and have strength and stamina. I now follow my passion in nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. I focus on nutrition and teaching and empowering others in that process. Would you like to be empowered to do the same?

I am the healthiest and the happiest I have ever been. I created it with the practice I am going to teach you.

Are you ready to up-level your health and your life? Talk to me!


Jessicca Kumaalla LMT, CWK, HN, HHP

Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Wholistic Kinesiologist, Holistic Nutritionist, & Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner

My passion and vision has always been to help people heal faster and feel better. I help stop world hunger, because we are all cell starved. I empower people’s healing process by healing the gut and with organic superfoods to unlock true vitality. With nature, a little guidance, releasing the old and giving the body what it needs… healing, balance and vitality can truly happen.

I connect and collaborate with others that are like-minded and truly holistic, to create a culture that empowers self care and the healing process from nature to be present, chosen and understood.

Institute For Holistic Nutrition is guiding people to reverse illness and disease through Whole Foods and Superfood Nutrition, Environmental Toxin Awareness, Emotion and Trauma Release, Holistic Lifestyle Practices, and Detox. 

  • Nutrition Consultations, Nutrition Coaching, Detoxes, On-Line Group Detoxes & Programs, Cooking

Holistic Teacher 

  • Holistic Nutrition Certification Program  
  • CEU’s for BodyWorkers; Holistic Spa Therapies, Awaken Your Intuition, BodyWork & Trauma Release Techniques
  • Yoga Instructor; Vinyasa, Chakra Vinyasa

Master Massage Therapist & Energy Worker 

  • Massage Therapy; Swedish, Deep Tissue, NeuroMuscular Therapy, MyoFascial Release, Sports Massage, Reflexology, Acupressure, Trigger Point Therapy, Sinus, Lymphatic Drainage, Prenatal, Injury Erase, Injury Rehabilitation Techniques, Trauma Release, Muscle Awake/Balancing, Postural Deviation Alignment,
  • CBD Massages
  • Energy Work; CranialSacral Therapy, GemNRGy Therapy, Chakra Awakening, Meridian Balancing, EFT, Bach Flower Therapy, Past Life Regression, Light Work, Visualization, Meditation, Emotion & Trauma Clearing, Color Therapy, Violet Flame 
  • Spa Treatments; Scrubs, Aromatherapy, Herbal Wraps, Scalp Treatment, Feet Treatment, Hair Mask, Body Mud Masks, Facials 

Wholistic Kinesiologist (Muscle Testing) – Holistic Supplementation, Allergy Clearing & De-sensitization, Gut Fixing, Hormone Balancing & Heavy Metal Chelation


  • New Mexico School Of Myo Art – Licensure in Massage Therapy – 1991 – 750 hrs
  • Grateful Body Healing Arts – Private Massage Therapy Practice – 1991 – 2013
  • Continuing Ed at New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics – 1993-2012 – Colon Hydrotherapy, CranialSacral Therapy, Radionics/Hair Analysis, Ayurveda for Massage Therapists 1 & 2, Homeopathy Basics & Bach Flower Remedies
  • UNM; Emergency Medicine, First Aid & CPR, Anatomy & Physiology 
  • Certified Hatha Yoga Teacher Training – 2007, High Desert Yoga CYT 200 hour
  • Yoga Instructor – Chakra Yoga, Vinyasa
  • The Wholistic Kinesiology Institute – Certified Wholistic Kinesiologist – 2010 – Holistic Nutrition
  • Co-Founder of The Healing Spiral, LLC – Creating Transformational Programs
  • Wholistic Kinesiology Institute – Teaching Assistant for 2012, 2013, and 2014
  • Certified Advanced Wholistic Kinesiologist – 2015
  • Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner – 2015
  • Co-Founder of Institute For Holistic Living – Holistic Certification Program – 2015 
  • Institute For Holistic Nutrition – Private Practice – 2017 – Current