Integrative BodyWork

Massage Therapy Techniques: Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue, NeuroMuscular Therapy/Trigger Point Therapy/MyoTherapy, Myo-Fascial Release, Sports Massage, Reflexology & Aromatherapy, Acupressure Alignment, Trigger Point Therapy, Sinus Massage, Manual Lymph Drainage, Prenatal, Postnatal, Infant, Baby, Kid, CBD Infused Massages

Swedish Massage – A classic, gentle yet firm massage, focusing on relaxing the entire body, stimulating nerve endings, increasing blood flow and lymph drainage and releasing tension. The strokes are long, circular, cross fiber, passive joint movements and stretching always moving with the blood flow towards the heart. Leaving you feeling relaxed but alert. – 60 or 90 minutes

Deep Tissue – Targets the inner layers of the muscles, tendons and fascia, with specific localized work. There is more pressure used to work out these areas. Deep tissue is suited for athletes, runners, and people with injuries and chronic pain. This deep work facilitates healing by releasing the gripping of bound up muscles, increases blood and oxygen flow which reduces inflammation and can stop the pain pattern cycle. – 60 or 90 minutes

NeuroMuscular Therapy/ Trigger Point Therapy/MyoTherapy – A special form of soft tissue manipulation with deep tissue massage where pressure and friction are used to release areas of strain in the muscles and treat underlying causes of chronic pain. These areas have trigger points and they are responsible for holding onto the pain. – 60 or 90 minutes

MyoFascial Release – For supporting the structure by treating the skeletal muscle immobility and pain by relaxing tense muscles, improving blood and lymphatic circulation and stimulating the stretch reflex in muscles. Fascia adheres to connective tissues and causes pain. Release the fascia and relieve the pain. – 60 or 90 minutes

Sports Massage – Sports massage is geared towards all athletes. The massage adapts to whatever sport is the focus. There is often times chronic overuse and repetitive injury in certain areas of the body depending on the sport. The massage specifics will focus on those areas. This is for relief from pain, so the massage is typically deep with stretching. – 30 or 60 minutes

Reflexology & Aromatherapy – Pressure Points in the hands and feet correspond to organs and body systems and so you can get a lot of information about the whole body and a gentle and effective way to treat the whole body, through those pressure points. Stimulating these pressure points on the hands and feet will make a physical change to the areas of the body that those spots are connected to. – 15 or 30 minutes

Acupressure Alignment – Gently encouraging the body to move in the strengthening direction of a bone, muscle or tissue area with muscle testing, sweeping, breath, and acupressure. – 15 minutes

Sinus Massage – Massaging and holding with gentle pressure (acupressure), along the forehead, nose, cheeks, and along the back ridge of the skull, the occipital ridge. Working all the points that are along the sinuses, can really relieve sinus pain and pressure and stop a sinus headache very effectively. – 15 or 30 minutes

Manual Lymphatic Drainage – This massage encourages the natural flow and drainage of the lymph, which carries waste products out of the tissues and away from the organs, to release out of the body. We have lymph drains all over the body. There is a simple way to open and flush the lymph, which has no pumping action of its’ own. – 30 minutes

Prenatal/Postnatal – Current research shows that prenatal and postnatal massage therapy can be an instrumental piece of the birthing process. It is a wonderful complimentary choice for prenatal care, because massage can relieve many of the normal discomforts experienced during pregnancy like backaches, stiff neck, leg cramps, headaches, edema, joint loosening, organs shifting, and much more. It is gentle and relaxing, and effective and can make the whole pregnancy, birthing and post mortem process more smooth. – 60 minutes

Infant/Baby/Kid Massage – There is so much evidence that supports that gentle massage therapy is super beneficial for babies, so is cranial-sacral. Especially in premie babies and babies that have failure to thrive, touch is the most important aspect. Bringing blood and oxygen to all parts of the body will help everything move and flow better. It will help sleep, mood, eating, waking, circadian rhythm, pooping and overall immune system thriving. We all need touch, especially babies. Teach them young about massage therapy. – 15 minutes

Animal Massage – Even animals need massage. It benefits them the same way it does people. Touch is healing and it brings oxygen and blood to all areas to allow for healing to happen. Gentle animal massage feels good, they all love it, and ask for it once they have had it. – 15 minutes

CBD Infused Massages – A calming and nourishing addition to aid the nervous system and the entire body to let go of the gripping and holding and truly let go. Reduces muscle tension, soreness, joint and nerve pain, stiffness, inflammation, and brings a sense of calm, peace and lightness. Really effective for injuries and serious issues. – 60 and 90 minutes


Injury Rehabilitation Techniques; Trauma Release, Injury Erase, Physical Muscle Balancing

Trauma Release – An injury rehabilitation technique for getting shock and trauma out of the body and releasing it right from the tissues. – 30 minutes

Injury Erase – An injury rehabilitation technique for erasing from the tissues of the effected areas, the pain patterns of injuries and traumas. We tend to hold on to trauma, physical, emotional and spiritual. The body really can let them go with this gentle modality, because it gives it permission. It tells the nervous system to stop holding on, stop the gripping and let it all go. With this technique it is erased from the tissues and can truly heal. – 30 minutes

Physical Muscle Balancing – The muscles can turn off and we don’t even know it has happened. We need all our muscles turned on and working together, or muscle systems become lopsided and out of balance. This treatment is a muscle balancing assessment to make sure they are all awake, turned on, working together, strong and holding. – 60 minutes


Energy Work: Hands on Energy Healing, CranialSacral Therapy, GemNRGy Therapy, Crystal Therapy, Chakra Awakening, Meridian Balancing, EFT & Tapping with Affirmations, Emotion & Trauma Clearing, Spirit Clearing/Soul Retrieval, Akashic Records Clearing, Color Therapy, Bach Flower Therapy, Energy Evaluation & Balancing, Light Work & Energetic Cleansing, Visualization

Hands on Energy Healing – Holding the body and moving energy gives it permission to let go so that magic and healing can happen. There are various types of holding and hands on healing. It is oftentimes combined with essential oils, visualizations, affirmations, light work and color therapy. – 15 or 30 minutes

Cranial-Sacral Therapy – Cranial-Sacral Therapy uses gentle holding patterns to relax a stressed area of the body to help it heal itself, by unwinding emotional and physical trauma from the organs and body systems. Stimulation of the cerebrospinal fluid bathes the brain, spinal chord and sacrum in healing spinal fluid, creating calming and relaxed feelings within the nervous system, aiding in relieving pain, trauma and anxiety. This work can be very beneficial before and after surgery and in dealing with traumas and emotional stress. You can float a vertebrae back into place on the spinal fluid wave rhythm. – 60 minutes

GemNRGy Therapy – Ignite your senses and awaken to the divine energy and power within! Connect to your chakras and your energy centers and start to connect to your true you! In this blissful treatment you will experience an opening, strengthening and balancing in each of your chakras and energy centers. We will use a blend of Gemstone Therapy, Aromatherapy & Different Types Of Energy Work to bring an alignment between the emotional and physical body. You will leave feeling inspired, refreshed and energized so that your true genius can emerge!  – 30 minutes

Crystal Therapy – Using crystals on and around the body to enhance and increase the effects of the energy centers as they allow each stone’s vibration to bring channeled information. Doing energy work over whatever intuits. – 30 minutes

Chakra Awakening – The chakras are YOU in vibration form. Get in touch with and integrate all of the emotional aspects of you and who you really are at your deepest levels. These are our filters for seeing the world and ourselves. So get to know YOU in this fun on-line program! Clearing, Balancing And Strengthening to Awaken and align the deep connection and communication that the chakras hold within your physical and emotional bodies. Invite the emotional body to open to it and allow the natural integration that is ingrained at a cellular level. Aligning and tuning the chakras is the key to finding emotional body bliss. – 30 minutes

Meridian Re-Set – Trauma lives in our body and through our meridians can be accessed, cleared out, strengthened and rewritten. – 30 minutes

EFT, Emotion Release Techniques & Tapping with Affirmations – There are various tapping and EFT techniques that are used with affirmations to make it really effective and hold for longer. This work will reveal core issues and open a doorway to healing it. Tap your way to healing and good health.  – 30 minutes

Spirit Clearing/Soul Retrieval – Any residual energy holding onto the body or spirit makes a blockage and can stay there for a long time. This gentle modality will help you get aligned, to call yourself back to yourself. It can help unlock beliefs, thoughts, emotions and traumas that are hindering the spirit and this body. – 30 minutes

Akashic Record Clearing – Our soul book. This is a record of everything that has ever happened to us in all lifetimes that is imprinted energetically in our “book” and holds space for all time. The patterns that tend to be repeated lifetime after lifetime because of vows, promises and contracts made are hindering manifestation in this life can be cleared. – 30 minutes

Color Therapy – Connect to your body type through your true color and find out what that means for you and your health. This is an epigenetic examination. – 30 minutes

Bach Flower Therapy – Healing Flower essences are the essence and vibration of a flower’s life force. They are connected to all the various emotional states. They match our imbalance with the positive energy of that state to bring healing, balance and support there. A most gentle earth medicine that has a natural synergy with the body. It will calm the mind and bring balance to the body.  30 minutes

Energy Evaluation & Balancing – Get a complete energy check and see what is out fo balance. Using muscle testing and many modalities, balance of all the body systems, organs and areas. – 30 minutes

Light Work & Energetic Cleansing – The body picks up on so much stimuli throughout the day. With computers, phones, mp3 players, iPads, and all the electronics that we have plugged in at home and cellphone towers, that not only are the birds confused and disconnected, but so are we….especially the kids and babies. Light and fresh energy are a gentle way to move that energy and those toxins out of the body and break up congestion. There are several gentle ways to move energy and cleanse the body of this overstimulation and toxic accumulation; Visualization, LightWork, Affirmations, Color, Sound and Yoga Nidra. – 30 minutes

Visualization – Usually paired with another therapy. This is a talking session to focus on clearing an issue. Visualization is one of the powerful ways I use to set in the new thought pattern. – 30 minutes

Emotion & Trauma Clearing – I use a variety of modalities for this, depending on the specific situation. One or more of the various modalities I mention above like; EFT, tapping, affirmations, visualizations, trauma release, essential oils, nutrition, meridian re-set, chakra awakening, light work, energy work, energetic cleansing, and desensitization. – 30 minutes