Trauma Release

Name Of Course: Trauma Release Techniques

Description: We all have physical and emotional trauma in the body. It commonly gets stuck in the tissues and can live there forever, if we don’t release it. There is a lot we can do as practitioners to help get stuck trauma out of the tissues.

In this course you will learn how to access deep traumas in the tissue of the body and replace them with new patterning. You will learn simple yet profound techniques to wake up the muscles and make sure they are all firing and working together. You will erase injuries, release shock that is stored in the solar plexus and help the nervous system stop gripping the trauma.
A few of the techniques included in the class are Muscle Awake, Injury Erase and Trauma Release.

Objectives: To be able to gently listen to the clients words and body language and be able to know which simple tool to draw upon to wake up the muscles, erase injuries and guide the trauma right out of a clients body right there in the moment, giving them instant relief, can greatly upgrade your practice.

Prerequisites: Massage Therapy School, Other Body Work Related Training, Occupational Therapists and Physical Therapists

Number Of CEU’s: 8 hours

Instructional Materials: In-depth training manual

Provisions For Make-Up Work: The class will also be on-line in a webinar format, so make-up sections can be done on line.

Requirement For Successful Completion: Passing with a 75% or above to get CEU’s

Grades are based on;
Attendance 50%
Participation 50%