Awaken Your Intuition

Name Of Course: Awaken Your Intuition

Description: We all have intuition. It is a guidance and navigational system built right into our bodies. It is a blueprint of our cellular memory of the connection to energy and our intuition around it.
This course is a way to acknowledge and honor the emotional and intuitive parts of ourselves, by creating a toolbox to tap into and guide this energy. The tools that will be integrating in are Muscle Testing, Pendulum Work, Chakra Balancing, Meridian Balancing, Gem Stone Therapy, Light Work, Energy Work, Color Therapy, Emotion Code, Psychological Reversal, Visualizations, Vision Boards, EFT, Tapping & Affirmations
Using our intuition in conjunction with Massage Therapy and BodyWork will align us, protect us and give us deeper insight into the people we are working with and their individualized needs.

Objectives: There are many tools to help awaken and guide this innate intuition. An awareness and sensitivity can easily grow with some basic steps to follow. These tools can add to the richness of all therapies by deepening the connection between the instructor and client, while being more tapped in to the energetic signs, cues and body language to be sensitive to the clients needs, which ultimately leads to better results all around.

Pre-requisites: Massage Therapy School, Other Body Work Related Training, Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists and Counselors. Anyone working with the body, mind and spirit connection.

Number Of CEU’s: 16 hours

Instructional Materials: In-Depth Training Manual, Pendulum, Essential Oils, Chakras, Gem Stones, Meridian Chart.

Provisions For Make-Up Work: The class will also be on-line in a webinar format, so make-up sections can be done on line.

Requirement For Successful Completion: Passing with a 75% or above to get CEU’s

Grades are based on:
Attendance 50%
Participation 50%