Chakra Awakening

Chakra Awakening; The 8 Vibrations Of Health 
The chakras are YOU in vibration form. Get in touch with and integrate all of the emotional aspects of you and who you really are at your deepest levels. These are our filters for seeing the world and ourselves. So get to know YOU!
This is an 8 week experiential exploration of your profound energy centers. We will explore in-depth, the richness of each chakra, each week, immersing you in the color, tone and feeling of your own energy system. Deep healing and transformation happens through the gateways of the chakras. 
You will become an expert in understanding the chakras and how you can use that knowledge not only to heal your own body, but to understand and communicate with it on a much deeper level.  
We can bring awareness and intention to every body organ and system by just learning about the corresponding chakra and its’ deeper meanings.
This is a whole and complete energetic system of health and healing in itself. This system is easily accessible by anyone and can totally advance your healing process.
Visualizations, meditations, affirmations, massage, emotional clearings, support and other self-care techniques.
Each class will include time for individual sharing, coaching, & clearings to really bring it into your body. Get to know yourself through your chakras and you will learn so much about yourself. 
Class Syllabus
  • 1st Class – Root Chakra: Our basic needs, survival, safety and security. Our grounding connection to the earthly plane. Hydration and Alkalization. Rich roots spring roll snack. Hands-on experiential of nurturing essential oil and salt foot scrub.
  • 2nd Class – Sacral Chakra: It is our process of elimination, cleansing, our sexuality, sex organs, all things that bring pleasure, good energy and self love. Pumpkin coconut soup snack. Guided meditation, Hands-on experiential of castor oil pack and ileocecal valve massage.
  • 3rd Class – Solar Plexus Chakra: Our personal power, digestive fire, and gut intuition. Pineapple Probiotic Drink snack. Hands-on experiential intuition building exercises.
  • 4th Class – Heart Chakra: The force that circulates love and connectedness through our bodies and out into the world. Forgiveness, our heart, lungs, breath and life. Green heart-opening smoothie snack. Guided Meditation, Money Clearing, & Hands-on experiential, infection protocol.  
  • 5th Class – Throat Chakra: The means by which we speak our truth. Honoring our uniqueness, nourishing the immune system and thyroid balancing. Home-made throat elixir, a berries and cultured cream snack. Hands-on experiential, guided self massage with essentials oils, for the thyroid and neck. 
  • 6th Class – Third Eye Chakra: Our connection to our higher self, our internal compass, wisdom, psychic connections, intuition, our senses and prevention. Olive oil with basil and rosemary essential oils on roasted tomatoes and quinoa cracker snack. Hands-on experiential, open your third eye exercise and energetic facial experiment. 
  • 7th Class – Crown Chakra: Our universal consciousness, Love, God connection, ancestral lines and astral knowingness, balance and vitality. Meditation and electrolytes snack. Hands-on experiential;The golden waterfall meditation….and create a flower crown.
  • 8th Class – Soul Star Chakra: Our Aura, light body, merkaba, universal love, divine self, atomic body, seat of the soul, doorway between your immortal soul and your earthbound personality, eternal soul and prevention. Young, raw, Thai, coconut drink snack. Hands-on experiential, group water quality clearing, drink more, water blessings. Experience a Merkaba meditation and the full chakra weave. 
Price is $199.00