Are You Ready To Upgrade Your Health and Relationship with Food?

Extra weight, illness and disease are just symptoms of a body out of balance. The body has a deep wisdom and knows what it needs to find balance and thrive. It is always talking to us, and we just need to learn to listen to it and give it what it needs.

I help guide people to reverse their own illness and disease with whole food and superfood nutrition, holistic supplementation, emotional clearings, trauma release and environmental toxin awareness. I do this by asking the body its’ needs through a complete and comprehensive muscle testing system, and interpreting what it is saying using the body wisdom to focus in on the root cause. Addressing health issues to uncover the core reasons why illness and disease sets in using tools, guidance, nature, and working with the body as a whole being, healing, balance and vitality can be regained. Everything is considered…Nutrition, Emotions & Environmental Toxins.

“All disease begins in the gut.” and “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”~ from our beloved Hippocrates, the father of medicine. Never were more truer words spoken.

Health either thrives or suffers due to the state of the gut. Our digestive process tells a huge story about where our health is at. Did you know that our gut is our 2nd immune system? 70% of our immune system lives in the gut and over 70% of our Serotonin is produced there, so it makes sense that our bodies would not be functioning at an optimal level, if our gut is messed up.

The numbers of overweight, obese and sick people are staggering, and it is because our food and our products are poisoned. Studies show that 25% of children born after the year 2000, will have diabetes later in life. Obesity in children has more than doubled in the past 30 years. More than 75% of children are born with spectrum disorders and various diseases. We never saw sick kids all the time when we were young. The majority of cancer, heart disease and autoimmune disorders are caused by lifestyle and diet and only 10% of it is actually genetics. This is eye opening. Autoimmune disorders were nonexistent 20 years ago and now most people are dealing with that health picture. People just seem to be getting sicker and sicker, younger and younger. There will not be people living to 100 anymore.

There is a lot to consider. Are you looking at the big picture?

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?

Holistic Nutrition is a whole system approach, integrated into lifestyle practices for long term thriving health. Treating imbalances naturally using the body’s own guidance system, we can uncover the core issues why illness and disease sets in. Looking at the whole instead of spot checking helps us tap into these foundational pieces. Using whole food nutrition, environmental toxin awareness, emotional clearings, trauma release, and building up the immune system, we can heal, find balance and unlock our true vitality.

There is so much that we can do to be on top of our health. Going back to the basics will give concrete tools and a foundation for health to thrive.

I would be honored to coach you through all those pieces….to walk with you and guide you on your Transformational Journey, while we put together a tool box of personalized protocols and therapies to draw upon in times of need. To be empowered and have a voice in your health and healing process, helps the process align more fully and be a long term solution.

– First, you will learn how to heal your gut. Reversing leaky gut gets the body digesting, absorbing nutrients, moving out inflammation, killing chronic infections and building the immune system.

– Secondly you will give your body cellular nutrition, a gentle cleanse and an individualized food plan support system. I do this with Wholistic Kinesiology (Muscle Testing) to tap into individualized unique needs, support and priorities. You will learn to listen to your body and pay attention to cues. The body is always talking. Listening to your intuition, your body knows all your answers and needs. This work will teach you so much about yourself, you will become your own daily doc, knowing what works for you and what doesn’t.

– And lastly you will be guided to make swaps of all poisonous food, body and cleaning products.

Each one of us can take responsibility, make choices and advocate for our own health and healing journey. We have an innate wisdom within us that is constantly seeking alignment. Each one of us is different and we all possess the power to tap in and heal ourselves, using those differences as a guide. In fact, we are all healers, but we just don’t heal others, we heal ourselves. We can guide someone to their healing, but they must do the work to make it happen.

Guided by the understanding that nature is our medicine and that the wisdom of our body will provide us with all we need to repair and regenerate, to heal from trauma, disease and injury, address core issues, and ultimately restore balance and unlock our true vitality.

We can all be empowered in this process. We all must work to find sustainable ways to bring this in and keep it here, reviving and sharing ancient earth wisdom and healing techniques with each other to continue the cycle of reseeding this earth healing synergy we all are connected to.

With a focus on body system alignment and bringing back health, balance and vitality, through the triad of health; Nutritional/Biochemical, Structural/Physical Body, and Emotions/Mind.….integrating together body, mind and spirit, we are finding that healing, balance and vitality align and thrive. We must take the time to figure out what makes us feel good and what works for us to keep us healthy. We are all different and must do this for ourselves, but a guide is always helpful and allowed. 

Let me help to show you how. Shall we begin your healing journey?